Friday, June 18, 2010

Survived Heat Wave

This last week was a real sauna here in Ukraine. It was almost 100 degrees and the humidity was nearly 100%. We spent over 30 hours on an unconditioned train last weekend to attend church in a faraway Branch. It was interesting to see the country, but seemed good to get back in our apartment with a fan to stir the air.

We keep really busy, especially trying to learn the names of the folks we work with, and the metro stops so we do not get lost. It is challenging but I think we are making some progress.

We are scheduled to move into our more permanent apartment on the 1st of September, which is the new date that the couple we are replacing will go back to Utah. They have done a fantastic job getting things ready for the Temple Open House. They will enjoy some time off since there in no such thing as a preparation day for them and us. At least not until the temple dedication.

We each now have a phone and just got a weak internet access to our apartment. We will have a direct line to the internet in our final apartment, which will allow us to use Skype, etc. Until then we are quite limited.

Bye for now.


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Natalie said...

I feel for you in the humidity. I've gotten very used to the dry air and really like it.