Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MTC Day 2

We have successfully completed the second day of our MTC training. The most notable accomplishment is that we have gained weight because they direct us into the cafeteria every couple of hours for a great selection of food items. I can see why the missionaries gain weight while here.

We are receiving instruction on Preach My Gospel and the Russian language. It has been intensive, and we are glad for the 12 hour days to come to a close.

We are still expecting to fly out on Monday the 31st of May. They have our Ukrainian visas, but are waiting for Russian visas to come in. It is cutting it close for a Monday departure.

Tom and Shauna

Leaving for MTC

Early Monday morning we left for the MTC. I have to admit we were a little nervous, well maybe really nervous and excited. The day had finally arrived and even though we have waited for this day for several months we still didn't feel quite ready and still have several things we need to do before actually leaving for our mission.

The weather was dark and it was raining as we loaded the car and headed for Provo. The farther south we got the worse the weather got. We got into a blizzard and it was slow going to get to Provo. We were certainly glad we had taken our raincoats and I wished that I had my winter boats because my shoes were soaked by the time we made it to the front door of the mtc.

We checked in and changed our room from a motel to stay at the MTC because we were the only couple staying at the motel. We found out we still have to have 2 more shots and that will happen on Wednesday. We were kept pretty busy but not so busy that we didn't have time to appreciate the cafeteria. The food was wonderful and the servings were too large. We can understand why so many put on weight while here and we are glad we only have 5 days here. That will all end when I start cooking again because I am out of practice. Brittany has done all of the cooking since she and James have been there.

We know we have a lot to learn and we are a little older and it takes us a little longer to catch on. Really wish we would have spend more time studying Preach My Gospel or I should say I wish we would have spent any time studying Preach My Gospel.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This the only picture we managed to take on Sunday, May 9, the day we spoke in Church. We spoke at 11 a.m. and we had spent the morning getting lunch ready for everyone. After we spoke, we were the last ones to get to the house. Everyone was busy putting food on the table. Several people brought food that I hadn't planned on so we had lots of food. We had all our brothers and sisters and Mom here. We also had James' parents, Kelly and Penney, Suzette and Sid and their family, Hollie and Jake and their family so we had a house full. It was fun, but very noisy. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Karen and Peggy did the dishes before they left and so there wasn't much left to clean up. We was very relaxing to have the day over with. Tom went up to the University Ward to take care of some business, but he no longer has to lock up the building so we just sat around and tried to think of everything we need to do.
Now we have to schedule every day so we can get everything done. Mostly we have to do last minute shopping and pack. I hope to do some more yard work, but the weather will have to cooperate. I promised Brittany we would get the windows washed before I leave.
Fourteen days and we will be in the MTC, it is hard to believe. It has always seemed to far away and now it is almost here. It is makeing me a little NERVOUS. What have we forgotten to do???

Monday, May 10, 2010

Salt Lake Training

We arrived in Salt Lake and went to the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building as instructed. We were met by Bro. and Sis Rees the couple organizing the training. We weren't expecting the royal treatment that we got. We had a huge brunch waiting for us. We were expecting to see two other couples and there ended up being 7 couples total there for training. It was a very intense three days, but it was very interesting and informative.
As we left after three days, we all still wondered what we would be doing daily and their answer was it would be different for each couple because they would be serving in a different area. Still don't know what we will do, but they kept telling us we would have marvelous experiences and we would love it.
There are a total of 31 couples serving as public affairs missionaries and they made us feel very special to get to be one of the 31 couples.
We were taught by 5 different people. One is the head of public affairs and the other 4 are the only ones working in public affairs. They told us so many incredible stories that they didn't want leaving that room. They are 5 great men and they have very strong testimonies and know exactly how things are to happen. They did tell us that on occasion they were over ruled by the Prophet and in all cases the Prophet was right.
They told us that when the public affairs office in our area is closed we were on our own and could travel as long as we got permission from the Area Presidency and they would honor our requests. They said we would be free on week ends, but we know we have already been assigned two Branches to oversee and that we will be busy on Sundays. We know that we will be very busy until the dedication of the Temple on August 29 and it will be pretty slow after that.
The other six couples were so full of excitement and it was fun just to be with them. The first day they asked each of us to tell a little bit about ourselves. We said that we were surprised to get this assignment because we had been asked to fill a military mission, but we were excited about it. Sis Reese told us that her husband say our name and said that is the couple we need. She also said that other people wanted us as well, but the First Presidency said we need them in Ukraine. Made us feel great and I know that we will have an exciting time ahead of us.


This trip Tom and I both made it to Arizona and we did enjoy the warm weather. We still have winter in Logan, because everytime we return from a trip it snows. We Arrived on Thursday April 29, and left to come home on Saturday, May 1. It was a short trip but we got to see everyone and enjoy the nice weather. We even got Kennedy to hold still long enought to have her picture taken -- notice the kitten she is holding to get her to hold still.

Uncle Larry's

Larry, Grandpa Humpherys' brother, had pictures and stories that he wanted all the kids to have so we all met at Larry's and got copies of his pictures and he told some more stories. Tom could remember most of the stories because he spent time with Larry, but Sherry, Mick, and Roxanne had never heard some of the stories. It was fun to get together. We just don't know how much longer Larry will be around because he isn't in very good health. We all brought something and we ate lunch there.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We were fortunate enough to be able to drive to Denver and spend a few days with Jeff and Natalie. Becky drove up from Colorado Springs. The weather cooperated and we loved it because it was much warmer than Hyde Park.

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay for Caelie's piano recital on Saturday morning before we came home. We left Saturday after her recital and drove home. We got home just in time to change our clothes at the last stop before we got to Logan so we could attend the evening session of Stake Conference for the University Stake.