Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Study Time

Study time at the MTC for language training. It has been a little discouraging because I spent 4 weeks down her and have had lessons at home and Dad probably knows more that I do with only 5 lessons. We have been very busy and didn't have much time to study until this week. I am sure we will know a few words that will get us around, but we will be in training sessions in Kyiv with Elder Scott starting Friday afternoon. We arrive Friday morning about 9:30 and sessions start that afternoon, I wonder if we will be able to keep our eyes open.

We just received word this morning about 11 that our passports were back in Salt Lake and they will be down to the MTC by 3 this afternoon. We were anxious to see that they arrived because if we go out in the morning we will arrive just intime to start the special training sessions with Elder Scott on what will need to be done for the open house and dedication of the temple. I am sure the meetings will be really good -- our hope is that we can stay awake.

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