Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Kitchen

We have been in our apartment over a week and this is the first meal that we have fixed. Tom fixed breakfast because he didn't want cereal. Our kitchen is small and it works fine until you want to fix a meal and then the cupboard space leaves a little to be desired. We have a small table in the kitchen which works just fine for two people but no more. The last picture is a picture of our filtering system for the water. We are grateful to finally have it because we are tired of buying water or worse part is having to carry home a container that is 4 liters which is heavy to walk home the quarter of a mile with. We will appreciate having a larger kitchen when we move into our permanent apartment which won't be until the first of September.

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Natalie said...

Dad doesn't look to happy to be having his picture taken. Glad to finally see some pictures and hear a little bit of what you are doing. Sorry we missed your call yesterday, we were camping at the sand dunes in southern CO.