Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings from Kyiv Ukraine

We arrived in Kyiv on Friday morning, about an hour late. Thanks to Delta for providing both of us an upgrade on both flights. The 10 hour flight was really nice and we arrived quite comfortably. We are trying to hit the ground running. All is well.

We appreciated Steve and Roxanne for taking us to the airport in SLC, and for Brittany, James and Hannah for seeing us off at the airport. They surprised us but it was sure good to see them before we departed.

Elder and Sister Humpherys


Natalie said...

Good to hear you guys arrived alright. Sounds like you had some pretty cushy flights. How's it been adjusting to the time change?

rebecca said...

You made it! Of course you guys are hitting the ground running; I don't think you would know how to do anything but go, go and go! I can't wait to hear all about EVERYTHING!

Jan said...

You look awake and excited to be there! I hope your accommodations aren't too bad. Even if they aren't great, they are probably better than that basement apartment I lived in that Dad hated. :)

I guess I better learn how to use skype.

Natalie said...

We are4 all waiting to hear more!!!