Our apartment

Finally I am adding the pictures of our apartment.  I would say little, but to James and Brittany it will probably seem big.  Our kitchen is large and I really enjoy all the cupbroard and countertop.  I have a lot more than any other apartment that I have been in and the best part is that it is new and easy to keep clean.  Although you can't see it from this picture it has the same formica that we had in our bathroom in Ohio.  It took me a long time to realize why I recognized it.  The tile on the floor is just about like the floor we had in Sunnyvale only the pattern is bigger.  70's stuff but very popular here.  Our table matches the counter top and is very narrow but it works find for 2 people.  At the end where the door is we have a little porch where we can have one line for clothes and our folding clothes rack for drying clothes.

Here is the kitchen from the other end.  As you can see it is a long narrow kitchen, but it is very light and I have enough room to leave the ironing board up sometimes if I want too.  All the walls have wall paper.  We don't have any walls without wall paper except the bathrooms and they have tile clear to the ceiling.

This is our livingroom looking out.  It is a long narrow room and notice the pink colors.  Not my favorite for a living room, but the view is beautiful and it is nice and light.  It also is our office and you are now looking at my desk and computer.

The couch pulls out and makes a double bed.  I have never slept on it but I am sure it isn't very soft.  As a couch it is very uncomfortable, but all the couches in this country are uncomfortable.  All the cupboards are full of public affairs stuff and alot of stuff that we will never use.

This is the frontroom the other direction.  Tom is turned away from his computer and is using the magnifing glass to try to read something.  Here you can get a better idea of the wall paper.  It is not fancy but easy to keep clean.  We can't hang anything on the walls because they are cement.  So all we have up are things on the two shelves they have on the wall.

The rooms are very large for here and we are glad because we have to have all our computers in our living room.

Our bedroom is very large and light which we like.  In here we keep our own computers connected most of the time with the telephone hooked up.  We do have them unpluged when we go to the service center because we take them with us. 

It is much easier to work on a larger computer screen so I work at home sometimes when Tom goes to the service center.  As you can see the closet is rather small, but you don't need much closet space when you only bring 3 suitcases of clothes and you don't have time to shop for more.

We only have one bathroom, but it is like our bathroom was in England.  The toilet is in one room  with a small sink.  Then we have a bathtub, sink, and our washer in another room.  They are side by side.  They are nice with tile clear to the ceiling, but they could have coordinated the colors and patterns a little better                                                                                      
We have a washer, but not dryer.  It is a very small washer and I can't wash very much at a time, but that is alright because we have to hang the clothes on a folding rack that works really well.  Because we get so much sunlight in the kitchen where they are on the rack to dry they don't take long to dry.  I have to wash whites every third day because it will only hold 2 white shirts and our garments.

Those big mirrors open up to a big closet that we keep our suitcases, canned food, coats, boots, and everything else we have to store.  We have alot of tools that have been collected by Senior Couples over the years and a few other things.  Many things seem to end up here because we have so much room and we don't have a real office at the service center.    We are on the 13th floor and so we are high enough up that we don't have to worry too much about the neighbors looking in because we don't have any apartment buildings built around up yet.  They are on all three other sides so we are lucky.