Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just had to take these pictures! This is in a restaurant in Kyiv and I thought this might bring back memories of England and for Brittany Thailand. I just remember the first time we saw this WC sign in England. The first sign is typical of the mens and womens bathrooms here.

Our Kitchen

We have been in our apartment over a week and this is the first meal that we have fixed. Tom fixed breakfast because he didn't want cereal. Our kitchen is small and it works fine until you want to fix a meal and then the cupboard space leaves a little to be desired. We have a small table in the kitchen which works just fine for two people but no more. The last picture is a picture of our filtering system for the water. We are grateful to finally have it because we are tired of buying water or worse part is having to carry home a container that is 4 liters which is heavy to walk home the quarter of a mile with. We will appreciate having a larger kitchen when we move into our permanent apartment which won't be until the first of September.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Survived Heat Wave

This last week was a real sauna here in Ukraine. It was almost 100 degrees and the humidity was nearly 100%. We spent over 30 hours on an unconditioned train last weekend to attend church in a faraway Branch. It was interesting to see the country, but seemed good to get back in our apartment with a fan to stir the air.

We keep really busy, especially trying to learn the names of the folks we work with, and the metro stops so we do not get lost. It is challenging but I think we are making some progress.

We are scheduled to move into our more permanent apartment on the 1st of September, which is the new date that the couple we are replacing will go back to Utah. They have done a fantastic job getting things ready for the Temple Open House. They will enjoy some time off since there in no such thing as a preparation day for them and us. At least not until the temple dedication.

We each now have a phone and just got a weak internet access to our apartment. We will have a direct line to the internet in our final apartment, which will allow us to use Skype, etc. Until then we are quite limited.

Bye for now.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings from Kyiv Ukraine

We arrived in Kyiv on Friday morning, about an hour late. Thanks to Delta for providing both of us an upgrade on both flights. The 10 hour flight was really nice and we arrived quite comfortably. We are trying to hit the ground running. All is well.

We appreciated Steve and Roxanne for taking us to the airport in SLC, and for Brittany, James and Hannah for seeing us off at the airport. They surprised us but it was sure good to see them before we departed.

Elder and Sister Humpherys

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Study Time

Study time at the MTC for language training. It has been a little discouraging because I spent 4 weeks down her and have had lessons at home and Dad probably knows more that I do with only 5 lessons. We have been very busy and didn't have much time to study until this week. I am sure we will know a few words that will get us around, but we will be in training sessions in Kyiv with Elder Scott starting Friday afternoon. We arrive Friday morning about 9:30 and sessions start that afternoon, I wonder if we will be able to keep our eyes open.

We just received word this morning about 11 that our passports were back in Salt Lake and they will be down to the MTC by 3 this afternoon. We were anxious to see that they arrived because if we go out in the morning we will arrive just intime to start the special training sessions with Elder Scott on what will need to be done for the open house and dedication of the temple. I am sure the meetings will be really good -- our hope is that we can stay awake.

Waiting Game

We are in Provo stydying a little Russian until our passports arrive so we can leave for Kyiv, Ukraine. We are currently scheduled to fly out of SLC early Thursday morning, the 3rd of June. That will happen provided the Russian Consulate gets our passports back on Wednesday, and the MTC gets them to us before close of business. We will try to keep you informed.