Monday, May 10, 2010

Salt Lake Training

We arrived in Salt Lake and went to the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building as instructed. We were met by Bro. and Sis Rees the couple organizing the training. We weren't expecting the royal treatment that we got. We had a huge brunch waiting for us. We were expecting to see two other couples and there ended up being 7 couples total there for training. It was a very intense three days, but it was very interesting and informative.
As we left after three days, we all still wondered what we would be doing daily and their answer was it would be different for each couple because they would be serving in a different area. Still don't know what we will do, but they kept telling us we would have marvelous experiences and we would love it.
There are a total of 31 couples serving as public affairs missionaries and they made us feel very special to get to be one of the 31 couples.
We were taught by 5 different people. One is the head of public affairs and the other 4 are the only ones working in public affairs. They told us so many incredible stories that they didn't want leaving that room. They are 5 great men and they have very strong testimonies and know exactly how things are to happen. They did tell us that on occasion they were over ruled by the Prophet and in all cases the Prophet was right.
They told us that when the public affairs office in our area is closed we were on our own and could travel as long as we got permission from the Area Presidency and they would honor our requests. They said we would be free on week ends, but we know we have already been assigned two Branches to oversee and that we will be busy on Sundays. We know that we will be very busy until the dedication of the Temple on August 29 and it will be pretty slow after that.
The other six couples were so full of excitement and it was fun just to be with them. The first day they asked each of us to tell a little bit about ourselves. We said that we were surprised to get this assignment because we had been asked to fill a military mission, but we were excited about it. Sis Reese told us that her husband say our name and said that is the couple we need. She also said that other people wanted us as well, but the First Presidency said we need them in Ukraine. Made us feel great and I know that we will have an exciting time ahead of us.

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