Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This the only picture we managed to take on Sunday, May 9, the day we spoke in Church. We spoke at 11 a.m. and we had spent the morning getting lunch ready for everyone. After we spoke, we were the last ones to get to the house. Everyone was busy putting food on the table. Several people brought food that I hadn't planned on so we had lots of food. We had all our brothers and sisters and Mom here. We also had James' parents, Kelly and Penney, Suzette and Sid and their family, Hollie and Jake and their family so we had a house full. It was fun, but very noisy. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Karen and Peggy did the dishes before they left and so there wasn't much left to clean up. We was very relaxing to have the day over with. Tom went up to the University Ward to take care of some business, but he no longer has to lock up the building so we just sat around and tried to think of everything we need to do.
Now we have to schedule every day so we can get everything done. Mostly we have to do last minute shopping and pack. I hope to do some more yard work, but the weather will have to cooperate. I promised Brittany we would get the windows washed before I leave.
Fourteen days and we will be in the MTC, it is hard to believe. It has always seemed to far away and now it is almost here. It is makeing me a little NERVOUS. What have we forgotten to do???

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rebecca said...

Talk about world traveler's, and you haven't even left the country yet! I'm glad you guys got to see everyone again before you left.