Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kyiv Temple Open House

We just completed the Kyiv Temple Open House with some 13000 people touring the temple. Although fewer in number than most of the temples, the local leadership was quite plesed with the turnout. Many non-members passed through, plus it was a chance for the members from throughout Ukraine and other Eastern European contries to get together and renew acquaintences.

Local members really supported the Open House with a large turnout every day to conduct the tours. The dedication is set for Sunday the 29th of August, with the temple open for operation on the 30th.

We have had some interesting visitors, including the US Embasador to Ukraine, Carol Mikita of KSL, and the former Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko's family.

We finally moved into our apartment that has air conditioning. What a blessing and relief! It has been over 100 degrees for several days in a row with nearly 100 percent humidity. It finally broke the last couple days of the Open House, and we were sure greatful.

Now that I re-learned how to add a blog, we will provide some updates during the next couple of days, plus send out a news letter.

Tom & Shauna

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