Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kyiv Temple Dedicated Today

Sunday, the 29th of August the Kyiv Temple was dedicated. We attended the first session along with the Cornerstone Ceremony. We also attended the third session in the Temple. A couple of photos taken during the day.President Monson arrives at the temple site. He and President Uchtdorf and Elder Nelson were present at the Cultural Celebration the previous evening. It was quite a spectacular event. Nine different countries participated with all their colorful folk costumes, dances and songs. Lots of fun and lots of enegy.
While there we had a mini 18th Ward reunion from Utah State. It was great to see people we knew, and now have many more great friends.
My hero is Hanno Luschine, the temple architect and builder here in Kyiv. He is from Austria and was baptised by a good friend that retired in Cache Valley. He had his hands full to build such a beautifu building, and it will be a real monument for the future of Kyiv.
Mom and Dad


the Flammers said...

That's neat. The celebration sounds like lots of fun. Congrats on surviving!! It's a beautiful temple.

LdsNana said...

What a wonderful experience you must all of had. Thank you for sharing and including these beautiful pictures.


Jennifer said...

Just popped over from Facebook's LDS Newsroom fan page. Loved the pictures! And YAY for missionaries.