Monday, March 15, 2010

Russian or Ukrainian

What language do you think we should become most familiar, Russian or Ukrainian? Mom has been to the MTC in Provo for four weeks getting introduced to Russian. I purchased a Ukrainian Phrase book. So far sleeping on it for several weeks has not introduced a single expression into my brain. Mom is getting a few Russian words down. Hopefully they will help us out when we get there.

It has warmed up and Spring is just around the corner. This picture almost looks like our year, except green color instead of brown and white splotches, the mole trails, nest and debris all over every foot, and the melting snow on the north side. With consdierable amount of effort, I doubt our yard will even come close to looking like this when we leave. James and Britt will have to put in their toil to make it happen.
I am still busy working and doing some travelling, but hopefully that will stop the first of April and I can start to get ready to depart for the 18 months.


rebecca said...

Looks like the weather is clearing just in time for you to start working on your yard before you leave! At least you will get to enjoy the yard and weather before it gets too hot, muggy and brown patches.

rebecca said...

You guys haven't even left the states yet but you seem to never be home. You are already world travelers!