Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moscow in the Winter

This was my last trip to Moscow while working for SDL. This picture is of me, A.T. Stair and Dmitry during my quick trip late January to discuss future potential work with the Russians. The weather in Moscow was about the same as what we experience in Grays Lake, but sometimes warmer and slightly more mild.
I talked with a couple serving a mision in Kiev. They will come home in August, and have enjoyed their mission. Hard work and long hours, but well worth it. They said the Church has a mini Church Office Center in Kiev, which is the doorway to Russia as well as other Eastern European countries. Tha is most likely where we will work, which is in the City. We did find out that we will have to rely on public transportation all the time as no missionaries other than the President has a car. He has a driver so he does not drive much. The temple should be dedicated in the early Fall, we think. It is supposed to be finished in late June, but it takes a few months to get the approvals to occupy and use it. We look forward to some folks coming to visit us during our mission.
Tom H.

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rebecca said...

Nice hat! It sounds like you got alot accomplished on your very quick trip. That's a good picture. I can't believe you guys are leaving so soon, but I'm really excited for you. Expect me to come visit!