Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Humpherys

We were fortunate to have the Pitts family from Mesa, AZ with us for Christmas. We remained inside all day except for shoveling the snow off of our driveway, a little sliding down the hill in our back yard, and building a snowman. We definitely had a white Christmas. Becky also came home from Pocatello and was the photographer. Pictured are Jackson, Jordan, Kennedy, Madison, and McKenna.

Kennedy turned 1 on 7 December and is walking everywhere. Her gate kind of reminds me of how Penguins walk, so my new nickname for her is "Happy Feet" NOte the shoes we brought back from Thailand. She will fit into them in another year or two! She is always very happy with a grin. It has been fun having them here. In a day or so, Clint, Jana and family from Houston, TX will join us. They spent Christmas with Jana's family in Blackfoot. Then we will see Jeff and Natalie and family in another 10 days in the Denver area. It will have been a great Christmas for us. Cheers!


James and Britt said...

We're glad you're having a good time with all of the grandkids. It looks like lots of fun and lots of little ones running around. Enjoy the snow for us!!

Jan said...

Time for a new post????? (Although mine are few and far between as well.)

Jan said...

Still waiting for a new post. :)