Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Escaped from Thailand!

Our trip to visit James and Bittany in Thailand was great, with a few changes from what was originally planned. We arrived at Bangkok, spent the night, then flew to Krabi where James and Brittany met us. We rented a car, spent 4 days in Krabi and Phuket (hot springs, beach, giant Bhuda, butterfly park, joy riding on scooters, and two evenings at their home.

When we tried to fly back to Bangkok, we were told the airport was temporarily closed and they would rebook us for the next day. Instead, we decided to fly to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, spent the night, and then flew to Hong Kong. We spent two nights in a hotel, did lots of sightseeing, and went to the temple. After two days, we knew we would not be going back to Bangkok to catch our flight bact home, so we rebooked to return from Hong Kong in two more days.

We spent the nights at the Temple patron's apartment and went to church on Sunday. On Monday, Brittany and James flew to Phuket and took a bus toward Bangkok and joined their Peace Corps meeting in progress. Shauna and I flew out later on Monday to Seoul, Los Angeles and Salt Lake, arriving at our originally scheduled time.

We were very fortunate that we did not get back to Bangkok as the airport remainced closed and we could have been stuck there for two more weeks at least. We were fortunate to have James and Brittany there to help take care of us. We did many more things than we planned, and are greatful that Brittany and James are doing so well. Brittany had us do a neat Thanksgiving FHE, and we had pumpkin fudge for thankgiving. We could not find a turkey in Thailand, however. Great time, but good to be back home.


James and Britt said...

Congrats on escaping! We're so glad you were able to come and visit. It was quite the adventure! Are you sure you don't have any other pictures you want to post? :D

Jan said...

I think that's the first time I've seen you in shorts, Dad. (At least for MANY years.) Looks good.