Monday, April 16, 2012


Well we finally left Kyiv, Ukraine and returned to the United States at the end of our mission. We spent nearly 22 months on our mission. We returned a week earlier than planned because our visa and apartment registration expired on 6 March, so we left Kyiv early the morning of the 6th.

We left some great friends in Ukraine. The picture on the left is of the last Senior Missionary gathering just before our departure. They are the Miners, Robinsons, Mayberrys and Kamkas. We also left behind the Nances, our Public Affairs replacements, the Moores in Chernivtsi, and the Ewarts and Gregorys.

The photo on the right is of the perviuos, past and new Branch Presidents of the Chernivtsi Branch. The Moores live in the city and are loved by all the members. Andrey Shevchuk presented us with a gift representing the great friendships we developed with the Members. We found it hard to leave, but hope to return sometime in the future to renew our friendships. The photo below is of many of the Branch members. Quite a group.
This is the Branch Presidency that included Ruslan and Elder reynolds, a great team.

We flew to Washington, D.C. and spent a few days with Jeromy, Aylin and Braydon. We also spent a lovely evening with Kim and Jerry and their family. Jeromy and the kids gave us a great welcome at Dulles International when we emerged through customs.

More to come soon.

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